Ramseur Centennial


Sunday school - 9:30AM | sunday worship - 10:30AM | Wednesday service - 6:30PM

A Celebration Of God's Faithfulness

Times have changed and we have changed with time, but the one thing that remains is God's love and faithfulness for His people. Although 100 years seemed to come and go in blink of an eye, every prayer, sacrifice, and offering given in love for Ramseur Baptist Church was an eteral sowing for the Kingdom of God. Countless souls have been saved, baptized, discipled and sent forth from this congregation and continue to do the work of the Lord. Thousands of lives have undoubtedly been affected in this short time on earth and we pray that thousands more will be changed for the glory of God!

During the month of September, Ramseur will have several exciting events. Our Sunday School will kick off on September 12 with fun games and things to do for our children. On September 19, Bro Eddie Johnson will deliver a message encouraging us to continue reaping and sowing for the Kingdom of God. On September 26, 2021 Ramseur Baptist Church will host its Homecoming Anniversary and celebrate 100 years of God's faithfulness. We hope to gather everyone who has been a part of Rameur's journey as laborers in Christ. We look forward to this exciting time of encouragement and fellowship!

Please see our facebook for more details!